Summer thunderstorms have a strong impact on air traffic – New procedures help alleviate the problem

Compared to previous summers, the 2016 season has suffered an unprecedented amount of severe weather. Heavy thunderstorms have disrupted traffic flows and caused significant delays. Some cells have extended vertically to an altitude making it impossible to fly over them. To ensure the safety of passengers, departures have had to be postponed until the weather fronts have either dissipated or moved on. This means that passengers have had to wait on board for an hour or longer before finally taking off. The FABEC air navigation service providers have addressed this problem and worked out concrete solutions.

Ver noticia

“If the General Director finds out you are planning to become members of a Union… you will find yourselves out on the street”

* The General Manager at Seville’s air traffic control tower, managed by Ferrovial, threatened an air traffic controller for his possible affiliation with the Spanish Union for air traffic controllers USCA (Unión Sindical de Controladores…

Expert industry group publishes fatigue guidance

The strategic use of coffee and napping on site is being recommended for controllers whose sleep at home is disrupted by a newborn baby. The personal fatigue mitigation strategy is just one recommendation in the…