USCA, representing 90% of air traffic controllers in Spain, is witnessing with increasing worry how the US government is endangering air transport safety.
We know from experience how it feels to work understaffed and with our working rights changed overnight unilaterally. Uncertainty adds pressure to an already very stressful job, negatively affecting the safety of operations.
We live in a scenario of constant traffic growth, and our colleagues in the US have now to face it without their assistants, who do tasks which are critical to guarantee safety. Even more, we have learned that aircraft safety inspectors are also furloughed. It is clear to us that every day maintaining this situation exponentially adds up to the risk to have a serious incident.
Therefore, we strongly support our US brothers and sisters in their claim to cease the shutdown and urge the US government to show more concern for the safety of all passengers and the crucial tasks our NATCA colleagues do.
In solidarity,

Pedro Gragera
President of Union Sindical de Controladores Aereos (USCA)

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