Biodigestor financiado por ACAS a Tecnologías en Desarrollo entre los años 2003 y 2009
Biomass energy equipment for Developing Technologies

We have already mentioned how it all began with some biomass energy equipment for a Bolivian charity (Developing Technologies) made up of only four members, one of whom was from Tenerife. ACAS has regularly funded their projects from 2003, and so far we have collaborated in seven of them, that range from the building of this equipment, toilets (thus achieving healthier conditions), research and the training of personnel in order to take this biomass energy technology to those areas with less favourable weather conditions.

In 2005 we started funding projects from other organisations as well, and during the first decade we collaborated in 29 of them, donating over 180.000€ in total.

Here is the list of all of them, excluding the seven for “Developing Technologies”, which we have already mentioned above:

Incubadora para un hospital de Sucre (Bolivia). Financiado por ACAS
Lacom in hospital of Sucre (Bolivia)
  • “Crecer con Futuro” (Grow with a Future) In Encarnación, Paraguay, a project to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of a dumping site.
  • “Lacom” (Committed Laypeople) In Sucre, Bolivia, two projects to supply the equipment for a welding and metal workshop, and to buy an incubator for a local hospital
  • “Aldeas Infantiles” (Children Villages) In Tenerife, a project to buy a washing machine
  • “SED” (Solidarity, Education and Development) In Chibuluma, Zambia, the purchase of equipment for a science lab in a secondary school
  • “Cirujanos del Mundo” (Surgeons Worldwide) In Uganda, we bought surgical material, and in a second project we paid for the expenses of the transfer of a patient to a hospital in Lugo for an operation. (see more)
    Médicos con paciente en Turkana (Kenia). Fundación Emalaikat. Financiado por ACAS
    Doctors with pacient in Turkana (Kenia). Fundación Emalaikat
  • “Fundación Emalaikat” (Emalaikat Foundation, previously known as “Nuevos Caminos (New Ways)” In Turkana, Kenya. We have funded over the last six years projects focused on eye surgery and treatments against blindness.
  • “Comunidad Misionera San Pablo Apóstol” (San Pablo Apostle Missionaries) In Sabana Yegua, Dominican Republic. Since 2008 we have worked in a variety of projects that range from a school dining room to a scholarship program for secondary students.
  • Birmania por la Paz” (Myanmar for Peace) build schools for displaced people, and we have helped them in their task.
  • “Fundación Vicente Ferrer” (Vicente Ferrer Foundation) In Anantapur, India, we have built houses for families belonging to the “dálit” ethnic group (the untouchables)
  • “Movimiento por la Autogestión y la Educación“ (Movement for Self-Management and Education) In Anse-à-Pitres, Haití, we have helped in the improvement of the facilities of a school for children, including healthy conditions.
    Building of a school in Birmania
  • “Red Integral Solidaria” (Solidarity Comprehensive Network) In Bamako, Mali, we have bought the equipment for a classroom of advanced computer studies.

This year, of course, we have called for new projects from different charities. In November we choose the new beneficiaries of our help, which will get, as always, everything we can collect.